Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dogs in the life of Big Sister...

We're petless at this time. We thought about buying a dog almost 6 years ago, when I was home and unemployed, but we thought about it AFTER I got my job! (Yea, timing isn't really my thing!)

But we LOVE dogs! And dogs (and small children!) LOVE us!

I can prove it! If you'll take my word for it!

Last Sunday I attended a scrapping crop in Mount Arlington. We rent out the meeting room at a community for 55 and older people. There is one woman who lives there and rents it for us in her name, even though she's not a scrapper herself, 'cause she is friends with the girl who runs that little group.

Anyway, last Sunday she mentioned her dog. I won't swear to it, but for some reason I think the dog's name is Sophie. She's a rescue. And she's beautiful! She sort of looks like she's part Irish Setter, with that beautiful red fur, but she's smaller in stature and less fine-boned. In the afternoon light, her fur has undertones of deep purple, if you pet her against the way her fur lies on her back. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!

At the end of the day, her owner brought her over to see us. She stood very quietly, allowing two of the girls to pet her. You could tell she was very timid, but she wasn't really fearful; she didn't cower or pull away, but she wasn't smiling!

And then I walked over. And I stopped, probably about 2 feet from her, bent over, put out my hand, palm down, and said, "Hi, puppy! Aren't you beautiful?!??"

And Sophie looked up at me, wagged her tail, and pulled toward me, pulled to the end of the short leash her owner had her on, pulled her owner a bit off balance, in fact!

And her owner commented on how friendly she was toward me, "You must have a way with dogs, Krys!"

Yea, dogs and small children... Babies seem to love me, too! The other day I went over to SL's house up the street, and she was feeding the baby and talking on the phone. She asked if I wanted to hold H, and of course I said yes! She handed me the baby and walked out of the living room. I stood there, talking with the baby, rocking the baby, smelling the baby (LOVE baby smell!), for oh, I don't know, what? 15 minutes? I finally noticed that I didn't hear SL on the phone anymore. I wandered through the dining room and found her in the kitchen, doing dishes.

I guess I was the babysitter d'jour! (NO idea if that's really the way you spell it!) I chatted with her in the kitchen for, oh, another 10 minutes, and finally I had to say, "Well, here you go, you can take her now! I have to run and make dinner for J - we just got home a few minutes ago..."

I had to say it twice.

Yes, dogs and small children...


  1. Aww! The dog's coat sound gorgeous! I wonder what she was a mix of? Yea, they definitely know dog-friendly from maybe just interest or curiosity.

    On our way from dinner last night to the theater, we passed 4 little gray striped kittens playing in the street. You know what would have happened had I been alone (stopping to get them toot sweet! There's my fake French).

  2. Never fear big sister, you may have a chance to dog sit this fall lol!