Friday, March 12, 2010

New Glasses

So I wore my new glasses all day today. Big step, it was, since I don't wear my glasses out unless my eyes are bothering me.

When we went to pick them up last night (J and I both got new glasses this year!), it was the first time I was going to see them on me. You see, I had picked out a few frames before the eye exam (I have to pick them out while I have my contacts in; after they're removed and my eyes are dilated, I can't see for beans!), and narrowed it down to two before I went into the exam.

When I came out I saw these in the case - the optician picked them as "the ones." She said they had a slightly "funky" way about them and that since I didn't want something too far out in left field in case I did have to wear them in public, these were different enough so that I'd feel like I got new glasses, but not so "off" that I'd feel uncomfortable wearing them. (I really don't like to wear my glasses out - I think I look better with contacts.) They have a slight tortoiseshell effect on the frames, with a lime green interior that you just get a glimpse of if I turn my head! Just a glimpse of "funky," I guess!

Anyway, thought I'd give you a bit more of a close-up... Guess from this picture you can tell how weak my eyes are - check out the vision through those lenses!!


  1. They look great. You should wear them outside and show off your funk.

  2. I like them! I want somewhat funkier glasses myself this time. Must be the perimenopause talking... I'm going to get transistions lenses this time, too, because I always wear my glasses on the weekend (my doctor told me she's happy I do that so my eyes can breathe and rest a bit) and summertime sun out here can be a bother. I used to always have red glasses, but right now I have tortie rectangles; must get something more outlandish.

    Love that second photo!