Friday, March 26, 2010

I am equally as inadequate... How about you, Little Sis?

I WISH I'd read 75 of them...

Can we classify my answers better? How about...

I've read 49 of them, and I am suitably ashamed.
I've started to read 11 and never finished them. I am embarrassed.
I've watched 15 of them but NOT read the book version. Shame on me! The books are always better!
I can't remember if I read another 18 in school but sort of think I was supposed to have but didn't or started them and didn't finish them.

So all together, since I didn't count any in two categories, I have a relationship with 93 of them, but I can only swear on the Bible that I've read, from start to finish, 49 of them.

Perhaps that book club we sisters started a few years ago would be better modified to where we pick and choose one off the list (perhaps we can each choose one from our list) and we have what? 6 months to read it? (Trust me, I need the time!)

Or we can revel in the fact that we're the only 3 reading this blog and the only 3 that will ever know how illiterate we all are!!!


  1. I've read at least a dozen of these, read in-part at least another 15 with the kids for school. If movies counted my repertoire would increase substantially. Did I see Fahrenheit 451? Make it13... Ask me how many times I've read Good Night Moon or Peter Rabbit, I didn't see them on the list. And I am not ashamed. The knowledge I've gained through reading will die with me. The affect of reading with my kids will live with them the rest of their years, and hopefully through their kids; hence, Good Night Gorilla and Are You My Mother are at the top of my list of books to read before you die. Maybe not Aykroyd's list, but then again, he isn't paid to advertise my choices like I am his.

  2. Well, and it's just an abstract of the list from his book. We don't know why he chose what he did. Every one of these lists is different, I just thought it was fun. And I'd never seen a list so long, usually just the top 100 of the year or the top 100 of the century.

    And if we were to count ones we had a relationship with, Big Sis, I'd up my number a lot, too (I just watched Oliver Twist and David Copperfield last week). But nope, only read.

    Now, how many did I sell at the PW? Hundreds! LOL

  3. There's a whole series--1001 Places to Go Before You Die, etc....I vote Weird NJ as your travel guide!

  4. I have Weird NJ! Big Sis gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. Some of the places creeped me out!