Monday, March 8, 2010

Book Stuff

Several days ago Middle Sister posted a book quote. Well, I couldn't just let that one sit out there, all alone, lonely, so I commented with three more... Middle Sister suggested I post them here, where the world could see! I collect quotes, and keep them in any number of different places: an online file called "Quotes," several mini notebooks (one Moleskin and many that are not), slips of paper and cards that can be found at the bottom of my purse, in my calendar, on the dining room table, etc... Here are the three I posted last week, regarding "books."

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." - Jorge Luis Borges

"I've never met an independent bookstore staffer who wasn't a ridiculously knowledgeable book freak." - Marta Salij- editor, Detroit Free Press

"If I couldn't read, I couldn't live." - Thelma Green

Also, I'm a week late in posting my February reads, so here they are:

Blood Ties, by Kay Hooper
Impact, by Douglas Preston
Art Journaling, Autumn '09/Somerset Studio
Teach Yourself Visually Collage and Altered Art, by Roni Johnson
Midnight Sons, by Debbie Macomber
The Last Surgeon, by Michael Palmer
The Perfect Christmas, by Debbie Macomber

I also read Star magazine every week, a BH&G issue, an issue of Scrapbooks Etc., a re-read of an issue of Cottage Living (I have a bone to pick with THAT magazine publisher: they released THE SAME MAGAZINE WITH TWO DIFFERENT COVERS THE SAME MONTH. So of course, I bought both magazines and magazines are non-returnable. I WILL be complaining direct to the publisher this week.), an issue of Where Women Create, and any number of other things I've picked up and read and forgotten over the past 4 weeks...

And, despite my anti-Kindle stance, I feel obligated to admit, because we all know Big Brother will rat me out, that I've downloaded the free Kindle for PC application to my home computer along with a few free classics, just to try it out. Middle Sister waxed most enthusiastically about it, even though the inconvenience of toting the laptop around the house was also mentioned, but rather than just spout off about not liking the Kindle, I thought I'd try it out (at least on the computer) and have a reason to not like it! I downloaded (uploaded?) about 5 different things and will browse through them this week, with a review to come. One of the things I "bought" was Anthem, by Ayn Rand. I am a HUGE fan of her fiction - and this one is short enough to read in one sitting, if you have the time, and I like the premise: one is greater than all. I've read this book umpteen times, so I'll be able to compare and contrast the reading experience first hand...


  1. Good! Now remember, the Kindle for PC app is not exactly the same as the real live Kindle, but it gives you an idea (except that it's backlit and not eInk, and you don't have the 3G Whispernet, and the...). Everyone at work who has seen Fred has been incredibly impressed by it.

    Seven books and all those magazines? What was I doing last month that my read list was so short? Oh yea, Anna Karenina... LOL

    Middle Sister

  2. I proudly stand behind my last read--the rear of the Cocoa Pebbles cereal box. The last 3 pebbles match, that's my guess...