Saturday, February 27, 2010

NJ This Winter

Jack shoveling a path to the door of the lake house.The road to the lake house.
2' of snow at the lake house.

Digging out the pick up truck at home.
Only about a foot at our house.
There are some photos from our house this weekend. We took a ride up to the lake and, well, you can see there was quite a bit of snow up there!
I really LOVE snow, but as we get older (note the "we," not an "I"), I worry about J having to shovel it all. Yes, I know, he has no heart condition or any serious health issues, but he's no spring chicken anymore! Who's to say when too much is too much! Especially when he's not taking his cholesterol or reflux meds anymore.
Why isn't he, you ask?
Because he won't take any time off from school to go to the doctor and our doctors don't have evening or weekend hours. And they won't just renew a prescription without seeing you first. I'm calling this week to make an appointment for him for April, when he's finally off, and I'm going to ask if they'll give him enough to get him to the appointment... Maybe they'll do that - his reflux, especially, is giving him torture, so he doesn't eat.
Yea, you hear me, he doesn't eat. Which, of course, can have nothing to do with his reflux bothering him more... as sarcasm drips...

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  1. Wow, the photos are gorgeous! I really miss snow, and snow days. The unexpected day off, when you can't do anything because you literally can't get out of the house, so you're forced to slow down, even if just for a while.

    Won't take a day off? Won't eat? What?? And aren't there any kids in your neighborhood who want to earn a little money by shoveling?

    With age comes wisdom, such as knowing what you can no longer do, or have to do differently. No use fighting aging or denying, because it's going to happen (I'm channeling Mom here).