Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dog Ramp Success!

So, gals, you know I've been complaining about Mr. Big's repetitive stress injury and/or the tendon calcifications in his back leg making it very difficult for him to jump into my new car, Big Red. I ordered a telescoping dog ramp (this very one!) for him on Friday of last week, and it arrived yesterday. After just a few minutes of introduction, with it laid flat in the hallway, and using copious treats, I propped it on the car and had them practice getting in and out. Success! Mr. Big took a few tries to get used to it, but I think it's percolating into his brain that this is an easy way for him to get in (out isn't a problem, but I'll probably use it for both entry and exit for him). He went up and down three times. Bow Wow!! One big furry paw up!

Our next undertaking to deal with the tendon calcifications: trying a product called Acid-A-Cal (no link because I'll only do that to products I've used and like). Someone on a rottie forum said that they used it for the same problem, and a year later, after using pain medication, rest, and this product, x-rays revealed the calcifications were gone. If we can't get rid of them, Mr. Big is just going to continue to cycle through bouts of lameness followed by recovery followed by re-injury. I gave the product info to my acupuncture vet to make sure it wasn't anything that would interfere with his thyroid meds or Chinese herbs,and she said no (although she had no familiarity with the product). It's just vitamins and minerals, so I think I'm going to give it a try.

Middle Sister


  1. Hooray! So glad to hear the ramp was a success! Had you tried via a wooden board or was the concept completely new for Miko? He's such an awesome dog!!!

  2. Not completely new, as he had gone up a ramp for the dog walk and A-frame obstacles at agility, which we tried a few years ago just to give their brains a new work out. I didn't even try a board, because I thought that would be too narrow to accommodate his, er, girth. And too heavy for me to lift. This aluminum ramp slides one length behind the other, and overall it is short enough to prop either in front of the seat, or behind it (I might be able to slide it under, but the head rests are currently under the seats).

    He is an awesome dog. My big palooka.