Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did you know you really need heat?

Yes, folks, when you live in NJ during this awesome period of global warming, when your furnace goes, you have to replace it!

So we had my lovely mama come and wait for the local gas company to give us a quote last Friday: $7200.

They did quickly point out that they are more expensive than private contractors/plumbers, but they offer 2 years, interest-free, when it comes to payments.


We pay for our work in cash. We don't pay over time because my dear hubby has a genetic aversion to paying over time. (Did you know you could inherit this genetic aversion from an ex-wife who charged up the credit cards all the time?!?)

So we called in two plumbers. One is the one Lovely Mama uses. His quote: $4900. The second plumber was a friend of a friend. His quote: $5130.

Both estimates are substantially less than Local Gas Company's.

So right now, I'm working from home, listening to loud bangs and clangs from my basement as Mama's Plumbers replace my furnace.

Just to make this whole episode that much more stressful, we pay cash for these jobs. Did you catch that up there, earlier in this blog post? Well, needless to say (and pay attention, home robbers!) we do NOT keep $4900 in cash in our house. (In fact, we're lucky if together we're walking around with $50 in cash at any given time!)

So I left work early yesterday to go to the bank whose name includes two initials that might be T and D because they used to be Commerce Bank and Commerce Bank was one of those lovely banks who seemed to be always open, seven days a week.

Yea, well, T and D Bank is open, too, just not after 5pm on Monday - Wednesday. So I had to rush on over there this morning to get money out of our emergency fund. I left the house at 8am. What bank isn't open at 8am?

T and D Bank. They don't open until 8:30am. 8:30am?????? And they close at 5:00pm??????

I work for a living, and by the way, I don't work for a bank. Wouldn't you think a bank would accommodate its customers who actually work, usually between 8:30am and 5:00pm??????

Okay, I'm done, but just for the record, there were a lot of F-bombs flying around Clifton last night and this morning. The plumbers were due at my house at 9:00am. And let me tell you, there were here at 9:00am. ON.THE.DOT.

That's what I like - reliability. And these guys are SO darn nice. If you live in Essex County and need the name of a good plumber, leave me a comment here and I'll get their name and number to you - love these guys!!!

Well, I'm off to check work email - I'm working from home today so I can be here for the new furnace... More later!


  1. Banks here in the Wild West do not open until 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m., but they are open on Saturday (mine is open 'til 2 p.m., others only until noon). More reason I would love to work a 4-day, 32-hour week (but not 10 hour days unless I'm in the field...).

    Hey, at least you're going to have heat now. Mom said it was 52 degrees in your house the other day--brrrr!!!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the new blog. I have bookmarked it. Am thinking about starting one myself as I am shutting down my website. I'll let youknow if I do.