Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adobe Digital Reader and OverDrive, Part 2

Okay, I finished my first book on Adobe Digital Reader. A nice read, nice format, etc., but having to read on a laptop or pc is cumbersome and awkward, but not impossible. Since this is a library book, I don't believe anything can be sideloaded to another instrument for ease of reading.

Now on to OverDrive, the software that lets you listen to digital books. You know how enthralled I am by audio books and how last summer I was thinking about getting a Nano Classic simply so I could download podcasts and books from BBC Radio and elsewhere while on the go. I never bought one, and continue to listen to books on the laptop, so my experience is limited by having to move the laptop around to every room with me and find a clean spot for it. Not easy in my house!

Downloaded the software off the web easily (installed in less than 2 minutes). Downloaded the upgrade to Windows Media Player easily (and instantly). Tried to download my first book from my library (I selected 2 titles yesterday to experiment with) and after 40 minutes and it being only half done, had to cancel the download and go to work. So, downloading chapter by chapter may be the way to go, although frankly downloading the whole book at one time would be more convenient. It may be my laptop, which is three years old this month, but which has lots of memory still available since I don't have any huge games or video on there, so I don't think the fault lies there.

Stay tuned. I really want this to work so will keep fiddling with it.

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