Friday, January 29, 2010

It's D's Homecoming Day!

It's Daisy's Homecoming Day! I adopted her Jan. 29, 2004, and she came home on Jan. 30 (because the Humane Society thought they needed to spay her, but when they shaved her belly, saw her scar that indicated she's already had the surgery). The name they had given her was Tanya, but my coworker Deb and her daughter Rachel were visiting the HS at the same time I was filling in the paperwork, so I let Rachel (then 5) chose the name: Daisy or Fanny.

Her card on the cage said she was sweet. Sometimes. Affectionate. Sometimes. It didn't say she was a pistol. Sometimes. But I love a girl with spunk, and she gets the Daisy Crazies and flies around the house, scaring the dogs. I love my little stripey stinker!

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