Monday, January 18, 2010

Feline Renal Failure--A Big Step Forward!

You two may not know that my little, old girl cat, L, has kidney disease. She had a really bad kidney infection in summer 2008, and a second really bad kidney infection in summer 2009. During the first bout in 2008, she lost 25% of her body weight, plunging from 8 lbs to barely 6 (and sometimes not making 6 lbs). She's been skin and bones ever since.

In September 2009, the general practitioner vet put her on Azodyl, a kidney probiotic that is supposed to help kidneys do what diseased kidneys can no longer do on their own (this after a urinalysis and ultrasound showed that the kidney infection had been successfully treated). He had put his own dog on it after the dog got valley fever and almost died, and it had helped his dog's kidneys turn around in a month.

Last week, the acupuncture/Oriental Medicine vet was concerned with L's thyroid (she thought it might be high, but turned out it's normal), so we decided to run blood work. L had had blood work done 10 months earlier. Then, her two kidney values, creatinine and BUN, were very high. These results showed that her creatinine level went from 59 to 44 (still very high, but 15 points lower) and her BUN level, which had also been high, was normal. Normal!

I noticed in November 2009 that L was starting to act like a cat, for the first time since I rescued her in May 2005. Trying to sneak outside, eating grass, rolling around on rocks, not hiding in cupboards. I'm so happy she's feeling good, and so sad that she's felt so sick the past 4 years. That little kitty has had one hard life, poor little thing.

I'm hoping that if the Azodyl keeps working, maybe her creatinine can lower to normal (there's still along ways to go), and if that happens, maybe she'll put some weight on. She'll never be 8 lbs again, but I'd be thrilled with just 6.5.

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  1. SO glad she's feeling better! I was on the phone with you one day when she attempted to venture out into the backyard - you seemed so thrilled by it! Glad she's feeling better!